About My Order Cup


It all started with my unusually spelt name - Jocey. 

Baristas & so on would always get my name wrong, Tracey, Stacey, Jodie, Joyce etc. As a child I was always on a quest to find something with my name on it (with the correct spelling). The combination of these two things were the catalyst for my "ah ha" moment & the simple idea of My Order Cup was born & created.

So here we are, trying to reduce waste & save the planet 1 coffee (or water) at a time! We encourage you to please join us.

Hello & welcome, my name is Jocey Davidson & I am the founder, creator & boss lady of My Order Cup.

My Order Cup offers a stylish alternative to disposable take away cups & plastic water bottles. Helping you to live a little more sustainably & do good for our planet.

We create reusable personalised cups & water bottles uniquely engraved with details such as your name & coffee order. We are here to help you join the reuse revolution, encouraging you to make an eco-conscious choice that is stylish, reduces unnecessary waste & helps our planet.

After exiting the corporate world, I took some time out & in the process visited many cafes & drank a lot of coffee. Over time I became increasingly aware of the amount of unnecessary landfill & plastic waste. This really concerned me, so I made the decision - instead of being part of the problem, I wanted to become part of the solution. I now say no to single use cups & water bottles & choose to re-use.

The amount of waste around the globe is astronomical. Are you aware that pretty much every piece of plastic ever produced still exists today? Take away coffee cups & plastic water bottles are a major part of the problem & I feel it is our responsibility to do something about it. If we all make small changes to our daily lives we can help to make a much needed difference. Even something as simple as replacing your take away coffee cup or single use water bottle, with a reusable alternative, can make a positive impact. The solution is simple.

Imagine if everyone in Australia all did one little thing to be more sustainable in their everyday life, what a significant & positive impact that would make.

"We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly.  We need millions of people doing it imperfectly." 

- Anne Marie Bonneau.

My Order Cup is 100% Australian owned & operated, a Lady Start Up & proudly an independent small business.  When you support us you are supporting a dream & for that we thank you!